Circuit board

Circuit board
Circuit board


We require the following documentation for layout design:

  • Bills of materials
  • Circuit diagrams

Circuit board production

Our technical capabilities include

  • Single-layer, double-layer, multi-layer,
    aluminium (metal core laminate)
  • CEM1, FR3, FR4 and FR5
Material thickness 0,55 mm to 3,2 mm
Cu layers 18, 35, 70, 105 and 210 µm
Maximum dimensions 500 mm x 600 mm
Track width and insulation 120 µm
Minimum aperture diameter 0,2 mm
Surface treatment HAL lead-free (LF)
OSP (organic surface protection)
Au (electroless nickel or galvanic gold )
Ag (electroless silver)
Sn (electroless tin)
Graphite (carbon paste)
Solder mask Green, black, white, blue or red
Service printing White, yellow or black
Processing Cutting, scribing, milling
Data formats Gerber 274X
CAM 350 Version 6 and later
EAGLE 3.55 and later
Drill formats Sieb & Mayer