Component assembly

SMD placement (surface-mounted device)

Our equipment

  • 1 Siplace line
  • 5 Panasonic lines
  • BGA and Finepitch up to 0.4 mm
  • High process reliability in placement of package types up to 0402
  • Placement capacity of 200,000 parts/hour
THT Placement (through-hole technology)


  • Flexible, manual assembly capacities
  • Complete assembly of electromechanical and electronic assemblies and devices


  • Avdel fasteners
  • Hand lever presses
  • Special equipment
  • Torque screwdrivers
  Avdel fasteners
        Hand lever presses
        Special equipment
        Torque screwdrivers(through-hole technology)

A total of six modern placement lines and three-shift operations allow us to quickly manufacture and deliver your orders.

Automatic wave soldering technology for lead-free and leaded soldering processes in a nitrogen atmosphere and reflow soldering technology.

Wave soldering for products with specific constructions using solder frames and solder masks


Specially trained staff members work in modern assembly stations to ensure that all manual work is carried out to quality specifications.

  • Reductions in costs thanks to special equipment
  • Assembly of electrical engineering components and parts (PCB)
  • Final assembly and commissioning of complex end products

We can also inspect individual components assemblies on request.
We have a wide range of test equipment and methods at our disposal:

  • AOI tests
  • Tempering furnaces
  • X-ray for analyses
  • Flying Probe SPEA 4040
  • Climate chambers for burn-in tests
  • Programming stations for IC programming
  • In-circuit and functional tests, depending on volume
Coating and encapsulation

To protect the populated assemblies from vibrations and permeating humidity we can encapsulate them or cover them with a protective coating on request.

  • Automatic coating
  • Automatic depaneling
  • Use of customer-specific coatings
  • Automatic encapsulation of circuit boards in plastic and metal containers with an epoxy-resin based encapsulation mass

Paternoster lifts up to six metres high and numerous high bay racks with up to six shelving levels each enable us to achieve maximum height utilization in a minimum amount of space.

  • Five paternoster lifts
  • High bay racks with lengths of up to 13 metres

  • Storage according to the FIFO principle
  • or for each batch on customer request

  • Sensitive parts can be resealed in vacuum packaging

  • Flexible kanban solutions
  • Just-in-time solutions